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Collection boxes will be at the entrances for food donations.

Countdown to The Fair:
November 24 - December 5, 2010

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Creative Writing Winners

High School
Best Essay, Taylor Mathews
Pembroke Pines Charter
1st place, Bianca Apollon
Turner Technical Arts

Middle School
1st Place, Caroline Wright
Beachside  Montessori
2nd Place, Arreaunna Williams
Beachside  Montessori
3rd Place, Serina Try'ilio
Beachside Montessori

Elementary School
1st Place, Abigail Serda
2nd Place, Joshua Fielden
Beachside Montessori

Photography Contest Winners

High School - Color
Best of Show, Heather Rossi
Cooper City High
1st Place, Megan Chatfield
West Broward High
2nd Place, Nicole Caiveau
West Broward High
3rd Place, Ashley Carlisle
American Heritage High

High School - B/W
Best of Show, Maria Torres
West Broward High
1st Place, Brittney Lane
West Broward High
2nd Place, Ashley Carlisle
American Heritage High
3rd Place, Adriana Bowen
American Heritage High

Middle School
Best of Show, Danielle O' Connor
1st Place, Christine McCain

Adult - Color
Best of Show, Mike Kaye
1st Place, Jennifer Hollman
2nd Place, Geno Conte

Adult - B/W
Best of Show, Jennifer Hollman
1st Place, Jennifer Hollman

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The Broward County Fair offers spectacular rides for all ages, including the ever popular ferris wheel. Enjoy carnival games for a variety of skill levels and an assortment of fun prizes. Indulge in an bounty of delicious food, from funnel cake to corn dogs.
The Broward County Fair strives to not only entertain, but to educate. At the Fair, learn about the multiple facets of our neighborhood. The world teams with information that the Fair brings home through displays from students and the many professional members of our community.
At the Broward County Fair find farmyard animals to get to know better. Cows, goats, rabbits, chickens and more are available for a closer look. Horticulture exhibits exude a natural beauty for the senses.
The Broward County Fair explodes with exciting dance and musical acts daily. The Fair stage offers performances from many genres and several contests including the beautiful Miss Broward County Fair Contest.
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